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Tuition Changes (Partial Refund on Parking/Housing/Tuition)

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About This Petition

Most students have already paid for or are going to pay full tuition prices for Spring 2020. However, UT Dallas has decided to extend spring break and continue the rest of the semester online. It’s only fair that students get a partial refund on tuition for the difference between a face-to-face and an online class. Along with tuition, many students are commuters who have already paid for a parking sticker which they will not be using anymore for the rest of this semester. We suggest that students either get a partial refund on their parking sticker or that UT Dallas extends the validity of the current parking sticker onto the next semester (Fall 2020). Go Comets!

Petition Update (3/15/2020 9:30PM): “We understand that asking for a refund on tuition may be a far reach especially because transitioning to online classes require a lot of resources and our professors still have to be paid. Therefore, moving forward we want to focus more on a Parking Pass, Housing, and Meal Plan refund (either a reimbursement for our 2020 Parking Passes or possibly have them be valid into the next semester). Furthermore, Housing & Meal Plan Payments should also be considered for even partial reimbursement as many students have moved out of their living space on campus, and the dining options have been highly reduced since (DHW closed for Spring Break & no meal exchanges available for the two weeks).”

Petition Update (5/13/2020 4:30PM): “As most of you are receiving the housing and parking refunds, we would like to thank you all for signing our petition, sharing it with friends, and helping us push for our agenda to help the student body during this tough time. 

-Eric Aaberg, Mahiat Omar, and Nabeeha Kazmi”


This petition is towards The University of Texas at Dallas.

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Tuition Refund

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