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Comet Life - Petition Request

Petition Request Form

Interested in creating a petition for an idea, project, or suggestion at UT Dallas? Launch one on Comet Life’s website for the best experience and results! Simply fill out the following form below and we’ll be in touch. Questions? Email us at [email protected]!

You MUST provide your email address to submit a petition request. Students emailing from a student organization email that does not end in will be asked to re-submit the form.
Please provide your UT Dallas NetID. The format looks like “abc180000”.
A short name for your petition that will describe the general goal/purpose.
Please provide us with a description to copy/paste onto your petition page.
Please link images you’d like to include on your petition page. (Minimum: 1)
What specific UTD Department are you petitioning towards? Ie. Student Government, UT Dallas. If you are unsure, you can just put UT Dallas.
You’ll have your petition page created by default, though you can request additional services such as marketing, graphics material, and sharing on Comet Life’s channels for your petition.
Please select who is the creator of this petition. You can opt-out to having your name on the petition page, however this typically cannot be changed at a later time after the petition is created.
If you selected “UTD Student Organization/Department” for the Petition Creator, please provide the name on the group creating this petition. You will be asked to email us later from your organization’s email address to verify.
Have any extra details you’d like to mention?

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