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Power Strips in Computer Labs

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About This Petition

If you’ve ever braved the gum stuck under the tables in order to plug your laptop charger in while working with others in the computer labs, you’ve probably asked the obvious question: “Why not just have these things on top of the table?”. As much as there are spaces where you can plug in on campus with your laptop, sometimes you need to work with people who don’t have theirs on hand or for some other reason need/prefer to use the lab computers, or you need to use both your laptop and a lab computer at the same time. Having power strips on top of the desks rather than tucked away in some caddy underneath would significantly improve student experience in the computer labs along with making it easier to charge up while using the lab computers. I propose we have power strips available on top of the desks or in some other way conveniently available.

This petition is towards Office of Information Technology.

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Power Strips in Computer Labs

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