Hello, Comets! I hope you are doing well and finished the semester as you had hoped. Even if you maybe didn’t achieve the goals you had in mind, you made it through this extremely difficult semester of many online classes and that is a great achievement. I have heard many express their struggles and lack of motivation through these last four months, so I understand that many of you probably feel more drained than relieved. I think many would agree when I say that we are in need of some type of reset. Something to pick us back up, release the tension of school hassles, and let us feel like ourselves again.

I am obsessed with the topic of selfcare. The simple idea of taking time for yourself and performing actions that satisfy you is such a beneficial lifestyle and I think discussing it in this article may help a number of viewers.  It’s benefits can include increased mental health, a healthier lifestyle, improved relationship with others and yourself, and much more depending on what types of tasks you perform. There is an almost unending list of different selfcare tasks, but listed below are three broad categories that the majority of selfcare fits under.

Cultivating an old hobby or starting a new one: One of the best methods of shedding the stress from school is putting your focus into other activities. I plan to further cultivate my gardening skills and begin learning notes on my new keyboard. What is something that you love to do, but haven’t had time to focus on?

Updating your hygiene routine: Sometimes, we put school before the integrity of our skin, hair, nails, etc. and while that may help our final grade at the end of the semester, it is important to catch back up on your hygiene routines (if you care about this type of thing, if not that is perfectly valid). I have recently become obsessed with Hyram on YouTube and while he is not a dermatologist, he has great skincare ingredient knowledge and is just all around an entertaining individual.

Decluttering your home, car, phone, social media, etc.: When studying and finals take over my life the last 3 weeks of the semester, I completely ignore the cleanliness around me. Now is a great time to clean and possibly declutter your spaces that you occupy in real life and virtually. There are a great number of minimalist YouTube videos if you would like some inspiration or just don’t know where to start. Soon I plan on sorting and decluttering all of my clothing so I have a chance to donate unnecessary articles and make room for new thrift finds!

Selfcare, as I said before, is any task that you believe would help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Please don’t feel limited by these categories. If you search the different types of selfcare, you will get articles with a plethora of different categories because this topic is very subjective and ultimately depends on the preferences of the individual. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope you found it helpful.

Image from https://www.thesproutingsunflower.com/