About Comet Life

Comet Life is an official student organization on campus created with one goal; connecting students in the community and helping them engage with student life. Also known as “UT Dallas Comet Life” – we help serve as a fundamental resource for connecting students together.

How We Started

Comet Life originally began in July 2018 when our Founding President, Eric Aaberg, launched a social media account on Instagram called @UTDallas2022 to help welcome and introduce the Freshman Class of 2022 together. After connecting over hundreds of freshmen, our account gained a quite an audience and later was rebranded into “UTD Comet Life” to serve the whole student population at UT Dallas. From then, we’ve used our social media channels and the UT Dallas Discord to help connect UTD students together and give them the latest events happening on campus.

The UT Dallas Discord Server

The UT Dallas Discord was created on August 4, 2018. Serving originally to help connect the Class of 2022, it was rebranded as the “UT Dallas Discord” when Comet Life as a whole was rebranded as well; both platforms were now targeted to help connect the entire community of UT Dallas as a whole. The Discord Server later became an Official Discord HypeSquad Partner, granting us the ability to have students join more easily by going to https://discord.gg/utdallas.

The UT Dallas Discord now serves as our primary source of communication for students to help get connected and receive the latest of UT Dallas – Comet Life news, campus events, student organizations, and more. To this date, the UT Dallas Discord has over 2,400+ UTD students, clubs, departments, and staff.

It is important to note that Comet Life and the UT Dallas Discord are student-run and are not official platforms of The University of Texas at Dallas. 

Comet Life's Community Team

You can find the entire list of active Comet Life Team Members by going to https://cometlife.org/team.